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Case - Executive Reporting

While giving a demonstration of our tooling to a small group within a larger corporation, we met a man who decided to sit in on the conversation. He had the job of putting together monthly reports about the company’s development activities for the executives.

He piped up and asked, “Do you mean I can have a single database-backed web application running in out network that everyone in the company can access to supply their report data?” Yes, we answered.

He went on, “I currently receive spreadsheets from every time zone on the globe, and I find myself putting together presentations past midnight from e-mail attachments. I hate my job! If we can afford to do this, they are using this technology instead of these spreadsheets starting ASAP! How long would it take you?” … “Fine, I’ll have a PO for you by the end of the week.”

This solution evolved quickly into a project and initiative dashboard, used for executive status reporting by every major program in the company.

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